Welcome to the Kasa-Amith WikiEdit

Have you ever wanted to create a fantasy world of your own? Tell the story of a great adventurer? Or maybe even discover a new race of people? In Building Kasa-Amith you can. Here you can create, invent, conjure or even tell legends of great heroes thousands of years old. In Building Kasa-Amith you can do almost anything you can think of. Once you are registered you will become a contributor. As a contributor you will help build the world of Kasa-Amith. The goal of this wiki is to create a deep and rich fictional world. Think of it as an encyclopedia and a history book all in one for a fictional world.

First things first, read the Rules and Standards page. This is the first page you should read once registered. It explains the rules for posting and gives you the basics of the world. Main races, magic, religion and how to create wildlife, crating materials and so on. Once you’re done there you should hop on over to the Maps and Guides page to check out how the world looks. Each map of the world is hand crafted. You will three maps under the basic informational map section. These are a must to create any story or event in the world. Later on you can use the standard map file to create guides to your events for others to follow. The Kasa-Amith timeline page is one of the most important pages of all. Once you create a page for your event you will then add a link to it in the timeline in the appropriate age. You will see we have started with three ages. Title your event and give it a date. Once it is posted consider it set in stone, a piece of history. It cannot be changed by anyone, not even you.

Building Kasa-Amith is ever growing and can never be finished. If you read about a mage or adventurer that you like feel free to add to his or her story by creating a separate event before or after the original event. Not huge on writing but still want to contribute? Create wildlife on the Wildlife of Kasa-Amith page. The world needs as any animals and creatures as you can think of. Or try your hand at coming up with ores and materials for building or crafting. Maybe even plant life. Contribute as much or as little as you like. This wiki is all about having fun and being creative.

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