Below you will see two sections, Main races and Lesser known races. Read each carefully before writing about them.

Main racesEdit


The Brados originated in the region of Ingul and have spread slowly into the mountains of Imrath and Crastow.using crudely made ships the spread to Erias Isles. They are large in stature. Ranging from six to eight feet tall. Their skin is very pale and they are known for their long and decorated beards. Most have green eyes. They prefer the cold, wearing mostly animal hides.


The Cimians originated in the region of Lond-Nal and have migrated south to Radunn, Usford-Yar, Temoor and Landly. As well as Onidel and Allorias. Though they have made Radunn their home. They are the most intellectual of all races and range from four to six feet tall. Their skin color has the most variation, from a light golden tan to a dark brown. Cimians from Radunn are known for removing all hair from their bodies. Though the others prefer elaborate hairdos. All but the poorest enjoy the finest and most popular cloths.


The Gaki originated From Ellon and spread west into Imrath and south into Crastow and Conoth. They have recently been making their way into Usford-Yar. An honorable people, they are of average height, five to six feet tall. Their skin is usually lightly tanned and eye color varies greatly as does hair color. They rely heavily on trading goods. They are also hard workers and are known to be taken into slavery by the wealthiest Cimians. The Gaki are known for their attractive women and trustworthiness.


The Resyan originated from Daru But abandoned it for healthier lands. Only a few stayed behind. The rest migrated north to Galadhim, southwest to Menoras and northeast to Amalis. They are a people of the sea, fine boat men and are known to invade coastal areas of nearby regions. The Resyan are a strong people and are considered hardheaded and stubborn. They are of average height and muscular with large amounts of body hair. And dark eyes. Their skin tone ranges from pale to mildly tan.

Lesser known racesEdit

Here we will list contributor created races. These can be "undiscoivered" races or groups of mix race peoples. When creating your race use the above as exaple descriptions. You must name your race as well as give physical descriptions and let us know what the race is known for.

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