Below you see two sectiions, Base Religions and Lesser Known Religions. The first section, Base Religions, contains a list of the most popular religion types and their most popular deities. The second, Lesser Known Religions, is a list of contributor created religions.

Base ReligionsEdit


A worship of the elements and their gods. Below is a list of each element and the most popular deity related to that element. This religion has spread through out the world.

  • Arar - God of earth
  • Mosha - Goddess of water
  • Pyrial - Goddess of fire
  • Edis - God of air
  • Zazial - Goddess of blood

Moral Dualism

A worship of light and dark or or good and evil. Below is a list of the most popular deities. This religion originamed in Radunn and is spreading to neighboring regions.

  • Alos - Father of greatness
  • Apheil - Mother of greatness

  • Oro - Father of the dark world
  • Onius - Mother of the dark world


The worship of many gods. Below is a list of the most popular gods worshiped and the region of thier orgin. These religions originate in the largest of the island regions.


  • Imel - Goddess of the flesh</li>
  • Athu - God of death</li>
  • Xasa - Goddess of war</li>
  • Ufael - God of victory</li>

    Eris Isles

  • Agac - God of fire</li>
  • Elin - God of life</li>
  • Gano - God of death</li>
  • Phyn - God of nurishment</li>
  • Botu - God of luck</li>


  • Lasea - Father of the life</li>
  • Engra - Mother of death</li>
  • Udun - Father of craft</li>
  • Brina - Mother of the sea</li>
  • Kurth - God of earth</li>


  • Undrin - God of the forest</li>
  • Ophin - God of the water</li>
  • Yotin - God of Life</li>
  • Ashyin - God of death</li>

    Lesser Known ReligionsEdit

    When createing a religion, make a seperate page eplaining it and link it here with a name and where it originates.

    Religion City or region of origin